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Number 5 is alive!

Smithers, release the hounds!

FC 5 Test 1 is now in the wild. It's a little bit behind the release schedule, but it's actually a very auspicious delay as it makes the release fall on International Chuck Norris day. Wow. That's all I can say about that. Synchronicity.

Wade and I recorded a special Fedora: Reloaded podcast this morning (Australian time - evening US time) in honour of the event. You may recall our previous discussion of astrologically timed installs for greater success, well today, the release day, International Chuck Norris day, is definitely the day to download. Any FC5T1 iso that is downloaded today will be stronger and faster, just like Chuck, than isos downloaded on other days.

The Fedora: Reloaded podcast was shamelessly sponsored by Chuck Norris.com, and features discussion of what's new and upcoming in FC5, the new Fedora logo, the Fedora Testimonials project, and some upcoming Fedora conferences. Get it now and listen to the goodness while your FC5T1 install is underway.

Fedora: Reloaded FC5T1 special podcast - ogg mp3

Here are the URLs mentioned in the podcast:




Enjoy! :-)



No RSS feed or website for Fedora Reloaded?

No RSS feed or website for Fedora Reloaded?



Have you heard of an obscure format named Ogg Vorbis? You know, so we users of Fedora can actually hear it...



Oh, the irony.

It's ironic that this recording is distributed exclusively in a non-free format that free software users can't play without first installing what might be non-free software (MP3 players aren't free software in countries that are saddled with software patents). There's no need to do this to your would-be listeners; one can get free file hosting and (if one isn't too choosy about the metadata distributed with the files) automatic creation of derivative files by uploading an audio file to archive.org. If you send them a WAV or FLAC file, they'll make MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and another derivative format for you. You can't control all the tags, but some of them are available. The curator delay is so short, it's really not worth worrying about.

--J.B. Nicholson-Owens (jbn@forestfield.org)

Ogg now available

Thanks for the heads-up on archive.org, J.B., and for keeping the faith. I've uploaded the ogg and it's now available.


thanks for the ogg

Thanks for adding the ogg format.

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