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Fedora Install in Progress

I don't know why the graphical install won't start on my 12" G4 iBook, but it does work in text mode, by issuing linux text at the boot prompt. However, there are some serious problems with the version of parted that shipped in the released version of Fedora Core 4 and the latest iBook. According to Colin, the iBook has been revised since Fedora shipped and there is a newer version of parted that handles it. The symptoms of this error are messages that say:

"Error: The partition's data region doesn't occupy the entire partition"


"Error: Attempt to read sectors 16-18 outside of partition on /dev/hda failed"

Check out bugzilla 159047 for more information.

The solution is to install rawhide, or to get a patched install. Colin pointed me to one rolled by David Woodhouse for Pegasos, here: ftp://zeniv.uk.linux.org/pub/people/dwmw2/fc4-pegasos/iso/.

In trying to force things with the previous version of parted I managed to screw things up, so even with this version of parted anaconda would backtrace during disk partitioning. I managed to fix that by pressing Opt + -> (that's a right cursor key) to get to a terminal, and then running parted. The problem stemmed from the boot partition that I had created previously having no filesystem type specified. I set it to ext2, rebooted, then using Disk Druid set it up just like the partitioning scheme in Colin's article.

Now I'm waiting for the later discs of install set to download so that I can finish the install.


September 2006

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